Qualified Forest School practitioner database

Search the FSA database BELOW to find qualified Forest School practitioners. The FSA has verified that these members have an appropriate Forest School qualification. As FSA members they have committed to follow the FSA code of conduct and good Forest School practice, including the principles and criteria of Forest School. However, please note that the FSA DOES NOT quality assure these members and FSA verification should not imply FSA accreditation. You can recognise an FSA verified qualified Forest School practitioner from their badge:

Forest School Leader badge

You can search by practitioner name, distance from a location, both, AND/OR sort by category of qualification and type of setting.

level 1 (Introduction to Forest School Principles), level 2 (Forest School Programme Support) or level 3 (Certificate in Forest School Programme Leadership) Forest School practitioner

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Since the launch of the Recognised Forest School Provider scheme (March 2017) the Verified Forest School Practitioner scheme has been frozen. No new members will be added to this map. The continued use of the Verified Forest School Practitioner map on the website will be reviewed in September 2017. It is our hope that Verified Practitioners will encourage their schools and other organisations to take up the more comprehensive Recognised Forest School Provider scheme in order to demonstrate that their Forest School provision is recognised by the professional body.

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