The FSA directors propose that two additional membership types be introduced in the FSA. This proposal will be put as a motion at the AGM (Saturday 14th March 2020, between 1pm and 2pm at Heeley City Farm, Sheffield, S2 3DT). Members will have the opportunity to vote on the motion by email. This will happen at the same time as the election for new directors (starting 1st March 2020). If members have any suggested amendments to this motion please contact before 1st March 2020.

The motion to be put forward is as follows.

It is proposed that the FSA …

1. Creates a new membership type called ‘affiliate member ‘. This membership type is for people who are part of the Forest School community but who are not practising Forest School at this time.

Note: This is a catch-all membership for people who are unemployed, retired (no longer practising Frest School), people interested in Forest School but not yet trained or undergoing training, friends and family of people involved with Forest School etc. The cost would be £20 per year at the time of launch. They would be able to access all the benefits of an individual member but would not be entitled to vote (this brings them into line with the trainee membership type).  

2. Creates a new membership type called ‘honorary membership’. This lifelong free membership type will be awarded, by the board, to people who have given special service to the FSA or the Forest School community. They will hold the formal title of ‘FSA Ambassador’. Honorary membership may be withdrawn at any time (by majority board decision) if the recipient breaches the code of conduct for FSA members.

Note: These are people we want to recognise for their service and whom we wish to act as ambassadors on our behalf. 

– they will have full voting rights and can access full member benefits. 
– they will be eligible to be elected to the FSA board like any other full member.

These membership types will be added to our articles of association.

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