The Sylva Foundation have launched a new version of their myForest software. The Woodland Manager suite of tools in myForest provides easy to use tools for woodland mapping and management.

myForest is currently used by 4,229 users to map and manage 68,744ha of woodland across the UK. This update is the first stage towards the launch of myForest Prime which will include enhanced functionality and access to Ordnance Survey Mapping. Some changes to the software include:

  • The map editor has received a significant upgrade. This includes the ability to produce maps at regular scales (in fact at any scale) as well as an improved interface, labeling functions, and outputs.
  • Your account homepage has been streamlined to update all account settings in one place. This includes accessing Deer Management functions and communication preferences.

The Sylva Foundation is an environmental charity that aims to help Britain’s trees and woodlands thrive for people and for nature and believe that a dynamic relationship between people and the natural environment is critically important for a sustainable future. They do this by demonstrating how woodlands are relevant to modern society as well as helping ensure they are resilient to environmental change.


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