An image is worth 1000 words, to us, it is worth more!

The FSA is asking for the donation of high quality photographic or hand-drawn images and the intellectual property rights associated with them

We hope to create a Forest School image archive to use with the FSA’s up and coming projects, promotions and social media posts.  The appointment of a new Projects Officer, allows us to undertake a series of new and exciting projects over the next two years that will improve our membership provision, and help us promote Forest School.  Your images could help us reach our goals!

We are particularly interested in images that:

  • Show what Forest School is.
  • Capture the spirit of learners within Forest School (cooperative working, play, fun, problem-solving, nature, exploration etc).
  • Show an experience at Forest School or in a natural wooded setting (frozen leaves, muddy puddles, fire).
  • Show a season or seasonal activity (autumn scenes, wintertime snapshots, festivals e.g. Halloween, etc).
  • Show a craft or activity being undertaken.
  • Showcase artwork created by your groups.


Before you gift your images, please ensure:

  • You own the image
  • You have permission from people (or parents or guardians of children) who can be identified, to use them.

Click here to gift your images

Thank you for your gift

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