This session will be an ‘In-the-thicket’ style webinar.  It will look at how we can encourage learners to take risks, and how this can be beneficial to their mental health.

Taking risks and risky play are key elements of the Forest School ethos, and cultivating this can be a challenge, particularly in the perceptions of some less-informed onlookers.  

How can we encourage risky play?

How do we communicate its benefits to others?

This ‘In the Thicket Webinar’, is a topical presentation with experts and a short Q and A session at the end.

Nevin Harper, PhD, is an associate professor in the school of child and youth care. His research and practice career centres on alternative approaches to working with youth and families involved in systems of care and incarceration. His graduate research was focused on risk management and decision-making in outdoor adventure leadership at the Master’s level, and then on family-level and systemic change in adolescent wilderness therapy. Nevin prefers to spend more time outside than in, and is an advocate for moving many educational and therapeutic practices outdoors.

At the end of all our webinars there is an opportunity to join a 25-minute community share at the end of the main webinar or to continue discussions/questions around the topic of ecotherapy.  If you decide to join the community share you can bring along any positive things that are current for you that relate to FS or keeping you connected with your learners and the natural world – these could be a good news story or a new resource or you could share some reading you have had recently been doing, recite a poem…anything…or you can just sit back a listen to what others of like mind have brought to share.

We have had an overwhelming response to these webinars in the last few weeks and are doing our best to support those who wish to attend them, despite some technical glitches. You should receive confirmation emails from Zoom as soon as your register. However, they can disappear into spam folders or bulk email folders. Please ensure you check for them.

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