This session will be an ‘in the thicket’ style webinar.  It will be experiential so bring paper and some crayons/pastels/felt tips and anything to make marks with. we will look at what we mean by the terms ‘ecospsychology’ and ‘ecotherapy’ and how Forest School can and does provide a much needed therapeutic space. Forest School and contact with nature touches something deep in our psyche, resonating with our need to connect with and belong to the natural world.  Our bodies and minds are ‘wild nature’ and when exposed in the right way to the wild something is satisfied deep in our souls that contemporary society does not ‘touch’.  Nature can provide a true reflection of our own true NATURE and in that mirroring can sooth our selves and souls in these stressful times, helping us on our journey through life. This journey often means facing the ‘unknown’, what some people call our shadows and out of this comes a more fulfilling and meaningful empathic life. 

Remember to bring your coloured pencils/pens/crayons etc. for a little guided creativity.

Some of the questions this webinar will explore are;

What is true ecotherapy, and how can i experience it anytime, anywhere?

How do we hold this space so we can maximise the therapeutic value of being in the woods even though we are not therapists or counsellors?

What is true ecotherapy?

How do we ‘hold’ this space so we can maximise the therapeutic value of being in the woods even though we are not therapists or counsellors?

Who and what organisations can practitioners work with in order to realise the therapeutic value of Forest School?

This ‘In the Thicket Webinar’, is a topical presentation with experts and a short Q and A session at the end.

Robert Black is a counsellor based in Norwich who has studied ecotherapy, and has run Mindfulness in Nature retreats for several years. He also teaches Mindfulness courses for Norfolk and Waveney Mind.

At the end of all our webinars there is an opportunity to join a 25 minute community share at the end of the main webinar or to continue discussions/questions around the topic of ecotherapy.  If you decide to join the community share you can bring along any positive things that are current for you that relate to FS or keeping you connected with your learners and the natural world – these could be a good news story or a new resource or you could share some reading you have had recently been doing, recite a poem…anything…or you can just sit back a listen to what others of like mind have brought to share.

We have had an overwhelming response to these webinars in the last few weeks and are doing our best to support those who wish to attend them, despite some technical glitches. You should receive confirmation emails from zoom as soon as your register however they can disappear into spam folders or bulk email folders. Please ensure you check for them.

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