We recognise the difficulties of the current situation with Covid19 so we have made two adaptations in relation to the FSA Recognised FS Provider Scheme (now is a good time for some people to complete the application process).

  1. Up until the end of June 2020 we are able to accept applications to the scheme and assess them but defer recognition (and associated promotion) until September 2020. This means you can get the work done now but have your recognition start later on when you are more likely to benefit from it. When you make your initial payment that covers the application fee and your membership for the year starting September 2020.
  2. If you are struggling to meet our scheme benchmarks because your first aid qualification i) needs renewing or ii) needs enhancing, we can assess you now in all areas except for first aid. Whether you choose to have FSA recognition start immediately or in September (as above) we will make a note on the publicly available map to say that first aid has not been assessed due to lack of courses available during Covid19. We will require you to provide evidence of first aid training that meets our benchmark by December 2020.

If you have any questions relating to the above or the FSA Recognised FS Provider Scheme, in general, please contact Nell Seal. (salixeducation@gmail.com)

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