We are pleased to let you know that Oxfordshire has another FSA Recognised Provider: Stonesfield Primary School.

Their Level 3 Practitioner Sarah Walker says: “As an L3 practitioner I now have the recognition and support of a professional body in my everyday work life. It professionalises something that I think for a long time many people have seen as an add on.  So it feels like it’s not just me trying to convince others of the benefits of FS, but that there are a lot more of us out there. That’s really valuable when you work on your own or are self-employed, and it makes you feel that you are part of a bigger thing. It gives me the confidence as an individual practitioner to say I know what I’m doing (at least most of the time!) but that I’m learning too, and I now have a professional body supporting me to continue that learning, both for myself and the children long term.”

Stonesfield Primary School is situated in beautiful, stonewalled grounds at the centre of the vibrant and attractive village of Stonesfield. It is at the heart of village life and provides valuable educational resources in making use of local expertise in the school. Whenever possible they use the wonderful surrounding countryside as part of their curriculum, studying the river, the woods and also the wealth of the fossils found locally.



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