If you are one of the 310 people who attended the 2018 Family Forest School festival then you will already know what a wonderful event it was. We would like those less fortunate than you to get an idea of what it was all about. As a picture is supposed to paint a thousand words we thought that we would try to present some of the very best photos taken during the weekend.

To that end, we are running a small photo competition.

Competition rules

  1. Only two photos may be submitted per person – so please ensure they capture the spirit of, or some distinct aspect of, the festival.
  2. The photos must have been taken at the 2018 Family Forest School Festival – did that need saying?
  3. Please email the photos to enquiries@forestschoolassociation.org with the subject ‘FESTIVAL PHOTO COMPETITION 2018‘.
  4. In the body of the email please include your Full Name, your postal address, your telephone number – this is so that we can contact you easily about prizes.
  5. By submitting your photos to the competition you are giving the FSA permission to use the photo in social media and other marketing materials in the future.
  6. A short list of photos, or all of them if there are not too many, will be added to the FSA Facebook page. Followers will be invited to like and share the individual photos. The photo with the most combined likes and shares will be the winner.
  7. The FSA has an assortment of books and other items that the winner will be invited to choose from.
  8. If there are enough entries then there will also be runner up prizes.
  9. DEADLINE for entry Monday 15th October 5pm.
  10. Photos will be posted on Facebook on Tuesday morning (16th October) and the winner chosen on Friday (19th October)
  11. Winners will be contacted on Monday (22nd October).

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