Name of Employer: Into the Woods Outdoor Nursery

Position being advertised: Forest Nursery Practitioner

Salary: See job description

Location: North London

How to apply: Download the FULL JOB DESCRIPTION and application form.

Email your completed application form to: admin@intothewoodsnursery.co.uk

Job description: Our nursery practitioners are the most important part of our provision. They run the sessions and are responsible for a group of children within the nursery throughout the session. See the above FULL JOB DESCRIPTION for more details.

Person specification: At Into The Woods we are passionate about outdoor learning and play, and the positive effect it has on children. We love being in the woods with the children. To join our team you will need to share this passion and be committed to working hard to ensure that the children have the best experience possible every day they are with us, and that we make the most of our amazing setting in the woods

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