Event name: Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Outdoor based Basic Intensive Workshop Specifically for those working with young people

Event description: Rooted in Nature CIC are working with Developing Youth Practice to deliver the course.

Reality Therapy is an approach that helps people take more effective control of their lives. It does this by teaching and utilising a very practically focused psychology called Choice Theory which offers immediately usable skills that enable people to re-direct their own lives, make more effective choices, and develop their resilience to handle the challenges of life more successfully.
It is an approach that has a successful track record in working with young people, in relation to personal development, emotional wellbeing and behavioural change. Other significant applications, as well as its foundation in counselling/psychological therapy and personal/life coaching, include leadership and management, education (particularly school-based counselling), addictions treatment, criminal justice, mediation, relationships, parenting, and several other areas. This is a 4 day workshop in its own right but will also serve as the first of 5 modules in the Choice Theory and Reality Therapy Certification programme for those who are interested to progress to qualification.

Participants will learn:
# What really motivates young people and how to tap into this to support change
# How to help young people not only find solutions to presenting problems, but also identify and move beyond the underlying cause(s) – rather than continually deal with emotional/behavioural
# An approach that is cognitively behavioural in nature but with an action-led and holistic focus, that is informed by the Choice Theory Psychology, and can be readily integrated with many other
# How to help young people evaluate their own behaviour and overall direction, and make more effective choices on a ‘want to’ basis

Who will benefit from this training?
Anyone interested in supporting people more effectively; including those who work with young people in the areas of personal development, mental health, employ-ability, education, addiction, care or outdoor activity settings. You might be a youth worker, teacher, support worker, sports coach, mentor, occupational therapist, counselor, social worker, probation or other criminal justice staff. The training is aimed at face to face practitioners as well as supervisors and managers. This workshop is being delivered by \’Developing Youth Practice\’, our background and experience is engaging and working directly with young people in a variety of contexts and settings. For more details about us please go to www.developingyouthpractice.co.uk

For more information or to book a place on the workshop contact Ruth Bradbrook: on 07818 094 311 or email: ruth@developingyouthpractice.co.uk

Cost: Full workshop fee: £550 to include food, refreshments and accommodation.
The accommodation provided is in cabins in the Reedcutters’ Village – beds and mattresses are provided, people will need to bring their own sleeping bags and pillows, along with suitable
outdoor clothing and footwear.

External registrationhttps://wgi-uk.co.uk/index.php/home/events/intensive-workshops/24-basic-intensive-workshop-outdoor-based

At Hautbois Activity Centre
5 Great Hautbois Road, Norwich. NR12 7JN

There are 16 places available.

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