Event name: Why Children Should be Playing Outdoors
Number of available places: 25
Event venue: The Granary at Red Hen Day Nursery, Reston Road, Legbourne.LN11 8LS

Event description: A day of inspiration and networking with guest speaker Niki Buchan, Natural Learning Early Childhood Consultancy, to include a motivational session exploring the benefits to children of all ages in spending time in an outdoor nature-filled space. We will explore the benefits to the children’s physical, mental, social, emotional, academic and intellectual development as they investigate and play in a largely unstructured natural environment. We will look at the role of the adult, explore the concept of supervision and the sensitive dance between interference and high-quality interaction. Practitioners will explore what it means for children to be as safe as necessary and the danger of trying to keep children as safe as possible.  There will also be a practical session based in our nature and woodland area, homemade lunch and a chance to look around the award-winning Red Hen Day Nursery.

This is a prepayable prebooked conference open to all. Details from Red Hen Nursery on 01507 603535
or email office@redhendaynursery.co.uk for a booking form or visit www.redhendaynursery.co.uk

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