The FSA has entered into a partnership with ‘Adventure Plus‘ in order to provide members with an opportunity to have their DBS check completed through a registered Umbrella Body if they can not otherwise do this through their own Forest School business or employer.

About Adventure Plus
Adventure Plus (A+) is an outdoor adventure charity in West Oxfordshire for 8-17 year olds and they work with over 7,000 children a year through school residentials, adventure holidays, community and family events. A+ has also been an Umbrella Body since 2005 and the current countersignatory (Margaret Armitage) has been doing DBS checks since 2006. Margaret was a headteacher of a primary school and is well aware, and supportive, of Forest School.

DBS Checks with Adventure Plus
Margaret is always available to assist or advise with any aspect of DBS checks and can be contacted at any time at and will be the sole point of contact throughout the whole process.

The turnaround time for a correctly filled in DBS application with the required ID is usually the same day it is received or within 2 days; missing ID or incorrect completion of a DBS form will obviously take longer to complete.

Organisations should initially contact Margaret stating they are affiliated to FSA and quoting Discount Code (FSADBS01); an agreement will be sent to the lead person (as required by DBS) together with blank application forms and guidance notes for applicants; once the applicant has completed the form and gathered their ID together (minimum 3 documents and usually passport plus driving licence plus a document showing current address) then the lead person should then post the application form to Margaret and send scanned images of the original ID to Margaret; alternatively, photocopies will be accepted provided the lead person has seen the originals and returns a verification form with the completed application form(s) confirming that s/he has seen the original documents; the lead person must only accept original ID form the applicant.

Where FSA members/organisations are reasonably close to Adventure Plus, then Margaret is happy to make individual appointments with applicants to check the application form and do the ID check at no extra cost, thus reducing the workload on the lead person.

Countersignatory then completes the back page of the application form and prepares it ready to send to DBS.

This is the general procedure but individuals and self-employed practitioners can discuss with Margaret a process which might work better for them.

Fees and Invoicing
Invoices for completed DBS applications will be raised at the end of the month and sent by email to the lead person at each organisation.

Lead persons must ensure that, where an application is put through as a “volunteer” role, the volunteer is only paid out of pocket expenses and nothing more and that s/he is not doing the required work as part of a course or qualification.

Cost of an enhanced DBS certificate is £44 plus £10 handling fee. This represents a £2.50 discount exclusively for FSA members.

Contact Details

Margaret Armitage

Adventure Plus
Main Street
OX18 2SN


Contact telephone: 01993 703 308

We would be interested to hear about your experiences using this new service

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