The FSA is managed by a board that can have up to twelve full members on it at any one time. There will be seven vacant positions on the board at the AGM. We received four applications from members wishing to stand for election to the board. Two were from current directors who wish to restand and two were from other members.

The board recommends all four of these candidates and invites members to formally elect them to the board as directors of the FSA. The candidates’ application forms may be viewed through the links below.

Kathryn Barton

Jon Cree (current board member and Chair of the FSA)

Geoff Mason (current board member and Company  Secretary)

Josephine Phillips

Voting process

Applicants will be elected by ordinary resolution during the annual general meeting (12th November). However, members who are unable to attend the AGM may vote electronically simply by sending an email with the following information.


Email Subject: My vote 2016 director elections

In the body of your email please copy and paste the following text (delete the names of any candidates for whom you do not wish to vote).

Please register my votes for the following candidates in the 2016 election of FSA directors. 

Kathryn Barton

Jon Cree

Geoff Mason

Josephine Phillips

Your name (as you are known to the FSA)

All electronic votes must be received by midday Friday 11th November at the latest. There will be an opportunity to vote in person at the AGM on 12th November but you can not vote twice.


  • A candidate can only be voted for ONCE by a member.
  • In order to be elected as a Director – candidates require at least 50% of the vote. In other words, all directors must be acceptable to the majority of eligible members who vote. In the unlikely event of director positions not being filled then the board is prepared to function at a reduced capacity until the next election although they have the option of co-opting directors to the board if required.
  • Stating NO SUITABLE CANDIDATES in your email will be recorded as a vote against each candidate.
  • Electronic voting opens to membership 27th October
  • Electronic voting ends midday 11th November
  • Votes will be announced at the AGM on 12th November

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