Around the Hearth – ‘Exploring how to support our FS learners during and after these difficult times/lockdown’ .

Wednesday 15th April at 8 pm

This will be a topic-based support and participatory style webinar, discussing how we can be ready for our returning learners, our worries, strategies, and needs.  For more details on the different Webinar Styles and why we decided on two types please see below.

Firstly, a huge Thank you, to everyone who attended the FSA Wednesday Webinar last week, we are still amazed at the response. A particular thank you to those people who took the time to give us some feedback. This is a fairly steep learning curve for us and we have had to pull things forward to get this done when you, our members and community need it.

We have listened to your comments and applied them to our evolving resource.  The feedback we received was so positive that we are going to keep these webinars going for as long as we can. We have been told that for the majority of you, 8 pm is the best time to attend our webinars. That you would like them fortnightly and you would like a mix of topics and chat/connection/reflection.  We are told you loved the friendly nature of them and some of you wanted more structure whilst others wanted more chat.

To this end, we have created two styles of Webinar for you to attend:

  1. Around the Hearth – A topic-based sharing discussion and Support webinar with a more Participatory feel.
  2. In the thicket topics – an Ask an expert style, topic-based – instructional webinars with key speakers and Formalised Q and A.

The webinars will be slightly different to our first experimental one, and the beginning and end will have a more structured design.  We will be looking to alternate between the two as speakers become available.

Each webinar will have a ‘Core Time’ lasting for an hour (8-9pm), with a half an hour optional activity share at the end (9-9.30pm) for people to share songs, ideas, poems to lift the spirits and enthuse the mind.  Each webinar may be chaired by different FSA Directors and staff, bringing their innate diversity to the community feel of the proceedings.  The FSA is a membership organisation, and there are limited places available at the webinar, we must, therefore, give precedence to the people who support us by becoming members.  Members can access early doors links to register for the webinar.  Non-members will be given the chance to register on Monday 13th April if spaces remain.

Look forward to seeing you there.  It may be worth having pen and paper to hand, especially if you are staying for the community share activity at the end of the webinar.

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