Name of Organisation: Into The Woods Outdoor Nursery
The position being advertised: Forest Nursery Practitioner
Closing date for applications: 19 March 2019
Salary: Competitive salary – see job description
Location: Highgate or Hampstead, North London
Contract: Either a permanent contract or a fixed term contract until the end of July

Explain how applicants should contact you / apply: To apply, download the application form from
Then email the form to Steve at

Job description: At Into The Woods, we have an amazing team of passionate outdoor learning enthusiasts. Our staff are child centred, understand and commit to our ethos, and have made the nursery the big success that it is today.

Forest Nursery Practitioner Position – starting 23 April 2019

PART TIME positions, most likely 4 days per week.
Hours: 8.00am–4.30pm each day, plus 2 hours of non-contact work per week The nursery operates during Haringey term times only; no staff holidays allowed during this time.

The part-time salary will be based on a full-time 5 day per week salary of £20k–£23k, depending on experience and qualifications.
Holidays: Haringey school holidays, as we operate in term times only. Staff are not allowed to take holidays during term times.


  • Queens Wood, London N10 3JP
  • Kenwood House, London NW3 7JR

Location of job TBC – there may be positions at both locations.

At Into The Woods, we are passionate about outdoor learning and play, and the positive effect it has on children. We love being in the woods with the children. To join our team you will need to share this passion and be committed to working hard to ensure that the children have the best experience possible every day they are with us and that we make the most of our amazing setting in the woods.

Our forest nursery practitioners are the most important part of our provision. They run the sessions and are responsible for a group of children within the nursery throughout the session.

Role and duties

  • Ensure safeguarding and health and safety policies and procedures are adhered to and applied at all times.
  • Ensure the children in our care receive appropriate care, kindness and supervision at all times.
  • Through sensitive and careful interactions (talking, listening, teaching, observing) support the children in setting and achieving their own aims, and extend and challenge their understanding and knowledge in all areas of learning.
  • Demonstrate high expectations of the children in all aspects of their development, from self-care to communication and language.
  • Set up the camp and session and pack away afterward.
  • Undertake all the practical aspects of looking after 2–5-year-olds and ensure their wellbeing – eg, helping them change, changing nappies, ensuring hands are washed, helping them at lunchtime, making sure they are warm enough, wiping noses…
  • Form close, caring and appropriate relationships with the children in your care.
  • Form positive and constructive relationships with the parents of our children.
  • Carry out observations on key children and keep their assessment profiles up to date as an accurate reflection of their development.
  • Ensure that all children are offered equal opportunities.
  • Regularly communicate with parents and carers, giving them daily feedback about their child’s day and development and any other relevant information.
  • Attend weekly 30min planning meetings.
  • Contribute as part of the team to the planning and provision of activities.
  • Write weekly newsletter emails for the parents, once every 8 weeks.
  • Attend and contribute to monthly 2-hour full team meetings.
  • Communicate with and contribute to the team in a positive and professional manner at all times.
  • Carry out all duties and planned activities to a high standard every time.

As well as their agreed contact hours (hours spent in the woods with the children or setting up/packing away), Into The Woods nursery practitioners are required additionally to work up to 2 hours per week (pro-rated depending on number of days worked) on assessment, planning and writing the nursery\’s weekly parents email.

Person specification :
At Into The Woods, we look first for the right kind of committed, passionate person, who believes in our ethos and the nursery concept.

To work at Into The Woods you must be someone who:

  • Is truly passionate about outdoor learning and play.
  • Loves working out in the woods in all weathers and genuinely wants to be outdoors all day, all year round.
  • Loves working with young children and cares first and foremost about their emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Understands the importance of keeping children safe and of helping create a safe environment through good safeguarding practices.
  • Is good at talking with young children in a way that engages and values them, and promotes and extends their learning.
  • Will promote the values and ethos of Into The Woods through their interactions with everyone – children, parents, other staff, people we meet in the woods – etc • Can be positive, enthusiastic and professional every day they come to work.
  • Is organised and able to work effectively as part of a team, and who will follow policies and carry out duties and planned activities reliably and to a high standard every time.
  • Is proactive and assumes responsibility without needing to be asked, and, if necessary, has the ability to lead and motivate others in a particular aspect of the provision.

Required skills and experience
You must have:

  • Worked with young children in a learning environment.
  • Ongoing working knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage and current good practice.
  • An understanding of the benefits of outdoor play and education for early years children.
  • At least a basic knowledge of the plants and animals of our woodland environment and an interest in building on that knowledge.

Ideally, you will have either a Level 3 childcare or Level 3 Forest School qualification, or QTS. However, if you have no formal qualifications we will consider employing you if you have some experience and can you demonstrate to us that you can interact in the right way with the children (kind, caring, understanding, sensitive, enriching), embody our ethos, learn and develop into an exemplary practitioner, and be a good fit with our team.

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