FSA members met on Saturday 13th January at Camley Street Natural Park between 1pm and 2pm for the annual general meeting. 4 directors attended and 1 election candidate attended in addition to FSA staff. This in contract to the last AGM where about half a dozen members were able to join the directors. The time of year may have contributed to this and we will look carefully at the timing of the next AGM.

Lily Horseman (Chair) presented the annual report. The board responded to questions from the floor. Proxy questions had been invited from FSA members but none had been submitted.

You can access the full annual report through the following link.

Annual-report-FINAL Jan 2018

Members in attendance at the AGM, who had not already voted, had the opportunity to do so before the results of the election were calculated and reported.

28 eligible members voted in the election for new directors. All candidates received greater than 50% of the vote and were duly election on to the board.

Candidate Name Total Votes Percentage of the vote
Lily Horseman 26 93%
Sara Collins 22 79%
Sarah Lawfull 27 96%
Francesca Signore 25 89%

Number of eligible voters = 1478
Number of voters = 28
Election turnout = 1.9% (8.2% in 2016, 9.5% in 2015, 9% in 2014, 12% in 2013)

Election turnout was dramatically reduced compared to previous years despite the same voting format being employed as last year. The fact that there were only 2 candidates for 4 positions may have influenced members’ motivation to vote but we are attributing the low turnout to the fact that the election was held over the Christmas period ( 22nd December – 12th January). The board are likely to push the next AGM back by at least a month to avoid this happening again next time.

Two exercises were conducted at the end of the AGM.

  1. Forest School Principles – areas that need clarifying
    Attendees considered the 6 Forest school principles and identified aspects of them that may require further clarification. Half an hour was spent on this. The findings will be used to start a process of reviewing the Forest School principles. All members will be consulted on this.
  2. Recognising Forest School qualifications
    The attendees considered issues around the FSA’s ability to recognise various Forest School qualifications. The board will write to all members concerning this topic.

Elly Dolan and Kathryn Barton formally stepped down as FSA directors at the end of the AGM and Francesca Signore and Sarah Lawfull took up their positions.


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