Congratulations go to Jessica Brocklebank whose photo of her daughter enjoying the campfire (and marshmallows) was the clear winner in our ‘Belong in this Place’ Forest School Festival competition.

Both Jessica and her daughter will enjoy reading through a selection of books we are sending them this week. Thank you to everyone who sent in photos and/or voted. Jessica added:

” Belong in this place was just incredibly inspiring and to be able to enjoy the weekend with my two children with me was magical. Madison absolutely loved the weekend. Her highlight was definitely toasting marshmallows around the fire. What most people didn’t know was that her walking around the log circle offering to share her marshmallows with everyone was quite astonishing in itself. She is usually very shy around people she doesn’t know and would never usually do this, unless she has her brother alongside her. This just proved how content she felt and that she most definitely belonged in that space!”

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